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Empowering Brands and Businesses to Consistently Grow Through the Power of Applied Behavioral Science

Consumer insights and marketing should provide consistent growth, not headaches. We provide marketing researchers, brand marketers, in house creatives and entrepreneurs the programs and resources needed to create persuasive marketing and experiences that are scientifically designed to compel your customers to buy.

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Mindstate® Group

Advertising in today’s crowded world can feel like gambling. You have to hold your breath every time you launch new research or a campaign, waiting to see if this strategy is truly going to deliver the results you need. If it bombs, you feel like you’ve wasted time and money. If it succeeds, you’re relieved...until the next initiative rolls around and it starts all over again. 

When did marketing become so unreliable? 

At Mindstate® Group, we know the secret to success isn’t more marketing, better targeting, or even a bigger ad budget. It’s communicating with your customers on a deeper psychological level. And that’s exactly what we’ll empower you to do.

Mindstate® Group follows a proven research and marketing model grounded in behavioral science. As your behavioral research and marketing guide, we’ll empower you with a simple method to combine aspects of goal theory, motivational psychology, regulatory fit theory, and behavioral economics to create a timeless foundation that provides reliable growth, again and again. 

The world may be full of unknowns, but your research and marketing shouldn’t be. Check out our different programs, or check out our library of free resources to learn how to execute mindstate marketing to grow your business.

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What We Bring to the Table

Mindstate experts. We’re the foremost experts on Mindstate® RESEARCH AND Marketing. We have the most experience teaching highly effective psychological tactics, and we have the results to back it up.
A background in Client-side business. We’ve been where you are, so we know exactly what you’re going through and what you need to regain control over your revenues. 
Science-based growth. We seamlessly blend behavioral science-BASED RESEARCH with BRANDING to get consistent lift from advertising. 
Massive collaboration. We’ll stick with you until you’re proficient and confident in your marketing.

The Mindstate® Marketing Approach

Studies have shown that the vast majority of decision-making occurs at the emotional, subconscious level. 

While most marketing tactics are directed toward the rational part of the brain, Mindstate® Marketing teaches you how to speak directly to the subconscious so you can intuitively win over customers with little  effort on their part.

This strategy is based on proven principles of behavioral science and psychology. If you can identify and intentionally target your customers’ unique mindstates, you’ll get better results—every time.

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About Will Leach

Best selling author and Mindstate® Group founder Will Leach has over 25 years of experience in corporate America and small business, Will has worked with some of the world's most innovative companies and conducted hundreds of research studies to uncover the mindstate code.

His best-selling book, Marketing to Mindstates, generated six figures in just six months of launching and is one of the leading resources on behavioral and science-based research and marketing today. 

Will has won the Explore Award twice and an Ogilvy Award for successfully applying behavioral research to advertising. In addition to running three successful businesses, he writes for Forbes, has been featured on CNBC and Apple TV and teaches mindstate marketing at SMU and Texas A&M University.

What Our Clients Say

“Behavioral science is now a foundation in our research. This approach has led us to have a deeper understanding of who our target customers are and what their motivations and drivers are, which in turn has enabled us to refine and be more prescriptive with our sales and marketing efforts.”

—Barrie Stone, Product Manager, AdvanTech, Huber Engineered Woods

“We used to ask customers if they were willing to prescribe our brand without systematically attempting to decipher their goals and motivations. Now, we are looking through the behavioral economics lens to further understand why our customers and non-customers do what they do.”

—Rick Ortega, Director of Global Marketing, Merck

Eric Johnson
Director, Client Services

“A successful product is able to help resolve an unmet need of the consumer. Telling that story to potential customers can be challenging, even with a product that delivers meaningful value. By utilizing behavioral science, we can find ways to share this story in a meaningful way. It's changing the way we think about creative strategy.”

—Aditya Varanasi, Founder and CEO, Sophos Marketing

“We see significant potential in first determining our consumer’s motivation for the emotional purpose behind their goals, and then clarifying our approach to execution—either promotion or prevention based. Now, the trick is for us to execute this consistently across all of our marketing plans.”

—Marissa Jarratt, SVP, Marketing, and GM, Frozen Business Unit, Dean Foods

Programs That Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

You could waste time and money running marketing tactics that don’t provide a consistent ROI. Or, you can learn how to apply behavioral science to your marketing to get better results every time.

You’re only as good as your last campaign, so make it a good one. Join one of our three behavioral science-based marketing programs and get begin your journey today.

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