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Are you frustrated with trying to gain more compelling and more reliable results from your marketing strategy? Our science-backed model has helped leading businesses worldwide break through the noisy world of advertising and achieve consistently better research and marketing results.

We offer three options to fit where you are in your business: the Mindstate® Marketing Starter Package, Mindstate® Marketing Masterclass, and our Mindstate® Marketing Partnership Program. 

Whether you want to learn how to apply behavioral design on your own or work hand-in-hand with our team directly, we have what you need to create highly influential marketing that drives real results for your brand and business. 


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Mindstate® Starter Package


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Mindstate® Marketing Masterclass


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Mindstate® Partnership Program


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Mindstate® Marketing Starter Package

Learn the psychological code driving your customers' to engage with your business and buy.

You can’t afford to waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on marketing strategies that fail to deliver consistent growth. But your schedule is packed, and you want to have a clear understanding of the Mindstate® marketing framework before you jump all the way in.

For $39.99, the Mindstate® Marketing Starter Package provides you with all the tools you need to learn the basics of Mindstate® Marketing and begin to apply these principles yourself. With the tools in this package, you’ll be able to start to apply behavioral science and psychology to your customer insights and marketing strategies to significantly increase engagement and revenue.

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What’s Included:

  • Autographed copy of the best-selling book Marketing to Mindstates

  • Mindstate® Marketing Activity Workbook that compliments the book

  • Mindstate® Marketing Alignment Sheet to document your final strategy

  • Ebook copy of the book and workbook so you can get started immediately


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Mindstate® Marketing Masterclass

Get Immediate Results by Applying  Mindstate® Marketing Directly to Your Business


When you're ready to truly apply mindstate® marketing to your brand and business, you are going to need some expert guidance along our journey.  But it's just not practical to sign-up for college courses or learn from trial and error.  Doing this on your own can be overwhelming and costly.  That’s why we created our Mindstate Marketing Masterclass. 

For $799, this on-demand, 24-7 training package gives you lifetime access to 12+ hours of video training when you need them, where you need them. These videos will take you through the entire Mindstate® Marketing process, step-by-step to show you real-life research and marketing applications of the process through the development of the Wicked Crisps brand.  And since we know that there’s more to behavioral design than just marketing, we created various additional “micro-learning” modules that will bring the concepts in the masterclass to other parts of your business. 

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What's Included:

  • Lifetime access to the entire video course series
  • Six, 45-minute “micro-learning” bonus videos
  • Ecopies of Marketing to Mindstates, our Mindstate® Marketing Workbook, and Alignment Sheet
  • All 18 Mindstate Personas to develop future marketing strategies against

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Mindstate® Marketing Partnership Program

Get Customized Instruction by Partnering with Our Mindstate Experts

Fully integrating Mindstate® Marketing into your company can be a challenge, particularly when you’re not 100% confident that you’re correctly targeting and messaging to the psychological code driving your specific customers. Let our experts work with you directly to take this worry off your plate. In this 12-week program we work together to Refresh your consumer insights, Redesign your brand marketing and Reinvigorate your business for long-term, reliable growth. 

This comprehensive program includes both video and live sessions each week where we will work together to psychologically optimize your entire marketing strategies without losing time and money on executing the latest marketing hack that leaves your business drained and future uncertain. This program also builds each week to:

  • Build psychological empathy by identifying  your customers’ goals, motivations, approach, and mindstates for your business.
  • Restage your brand and Revamp your offers to strategically fit with your customers' deep subconscious needs and desires.
  • Reframe your messaging so you can apply Mindstate® Marketing more effectively across your organization
  • Train you to apply your Mindstate® Marketing Blueprint in the creative development process
  • Teach you how to conduct marketing audits on your own creative
  • Break down the Mindstate® Marketing process with a live audit of marketing creative
  • Access our experts and other businesses in weekly interactive meetings to work through each stage of the program together
  • And so much more...
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What's Included:

  • Access to the complete Mindstate® Marketing On-Demand Masterclass Training to get started immediately
  • Autographed book, workbook and other materials sent to your home
  • 12-weeks of highly interactive personal and business modules to complete a full Mindstate redesign of your business strategy and offers.
  • Weekly live sessions with our experts and other businesses to work through the program, review your work and answer questions
  • Access to our Private, Members only community where we can meet other Mindstate enthusiasts, get advice, and learn from each other. 

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Not Sure Which Option Is Best for You?

Reach out to our team! We’ll help you determine the ideal option for your business goals, schedule, and needs.