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3 ways to create highly persuasive marketing

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At MindstateTM Group, our passion is providing the behavioral science resources marketers need to create a marketing strategy that grows their topline and their confidence. Our proprietary behavioral model has helped leading businesses across the globe break through the noisy world of advertising for consistently better marketing results.

We offer three tiers of services designed to fit your unique business needs: Personal, Partnership, and Professional. Whether you want to learn how to apply behavioral design on your own or collaborate with a team of mindstateTM experts, we have exactly what you need to create highly influential marketing that drives action. 

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The 3 Ways We Help Marketers Get Consistent Results

Tired of wasting money on ineffective marketing strategies? With our three programs, you'll learn how to cut through the noise and get your message heard. Watch the video below to learn more.
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  • Get your copy of the Marketing to Mindstates book and learn the science behind MindstateTM Marketing
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  • Sign up for a MindstateTM Training Workshop or a MindstateTM Activation Workshop
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  • Schedule a consultation and let TriggerPoint, the only Certified MindstateTM Insights Agency, tackle your research and marketing strategy
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Personal: Digital Resources for Savvy Marketing Experts

You’re fully capable of crafting a marketing strategy that delivers the lift you need, again and again. You just need the right resources to help you get there. 

With our DIY tools, our team will teach you the ropes of behavioral science so you can apply it successfully to your business’s marketing strategy.

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The Marketing to Mindstates Book

If you don’t understand the psychology behind why customers act, you can’t change their behavior. In Marketing to Mindstates, Will Leach breaks down the process of how to apply behavioral psychology and behavioral economics to influence consumer behavior so you can generate real business results.

Marketing To Mindstates Book
Marketing to Mindstates: The Practical Guide to Applying Behavior Design to Research and Marketing

Discover the hard truth about consumer behavior in the book that started it all. Marketing to Mindstates breaks down the science behind behavioral designed marketing and provides real-life examples of its practical application. 

You’ll learn simple strategies and direct tactics that will help you engage your customers’ nonconscious, all while driving them to act and improving topline growth. 

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Partnership: For the Collaborative Marketing Team

The application of behavioral science-based marketing can seem overwhelming at first, particularly if behavioral design isn’t your area of expertise. Let us walk you through the process in person. 

We offer live and virtual workshops on a global scale, teaching marketing directors and researchers from all corners of the world how to create and execute a successful science-based marketing strategy.

Each session is customized to fit individual client needs, and we dedicate time to walk through the specific challenges standing in your way and provide suggestions to help you obtain the results you deserve.

MindstateTM Training Workshop

Take your mindstateTM knowledge a step further by attending a MindstateTM Training Workshop. 

You’ll attend a workshop virtually or at the MindstateTM Group headquarters that will teach you the core concepts of MindstateTM Marketing—including how to identify your customer’s unique mindstateTM

From there, we will take an in-depth look at the 18 mindstates, identify what behavioral designed marketing looks in action, and show you specifically how we built a brand from the ground up using MindstateTM Marketing.  

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MindstateTM Application Workshop

Get the personal direction and advice you need to apply MindstateTM Marketing for your organization.

During this workshop, we will visit your company to train your teams and analyze your data together. As a group, we’ll determine the most effective mindstateTM for your target audience and teach you how to craft highly persuasive messaging strategies and tactics using the behavioral psychology driving your most valuable customer. Finally, we’ll teach you how to audit your own creative so you can continue to get the results you need for consistent, reliable growth.

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MindstateTM Workshops 

Implementing behavioral design in your marketing can be overwhelming. Let our team show you the ropes. The MindstateTM Group offers custom workshops tailored to your specific business needs, providing you with the resources and guidance you need to implement MindstateTM Marketing. These workshops are low on theory and high on application.

Professional: For the Ultimate Director/Delegator

As a marketing leader, you have too many tasks to handle and too little time to tackle everything. Don’t leave your marketing to chance. Let our sister company TriggerPoint take the research and strategy off your hands so you can feel confident knowing you’re targeting the right MindstateTM for your specific customers.

TriggerPoint offers in-depth behavioral research methods that get at the heart of your customers’ emotional drivers and provides message consulting to make those insights immediately actionable. 

With extensive backgrounds in psychology, behavioral science, marketing, and consulting across various industries, the experts at TriggerPoint will help you gain a deeper and more robust understanding of all facets of your customers’ behavior.

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“For the first time, decades of behavioral and psychological decision-making theories are illuminated and come to life in a practical, approachable application guide.

You will finish this book completely re-thinking your research, marketing and go-to-market approaches.”

— Pam Forbus, SVP Consumer Experience, The Walt Disney Studios

“The MindstateTM Group workshop actually exceeded my expectations. I initially thought that it was going to be lots of psychology that was a bit over my head, but I was pleasantly surprised because it was easy to understand.

Their team did a great job of bringing it down to earth and making it applicable to real life situations. I am so stoked to get what we learned into the hands of our social media team.”

— Amanda Paredes, Senior Branch Manager at WingStop

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