Behavioral Science Market Research to Grow Your Business

You can’t afford to waste your marketing and insights budget on consumer research that doesn’t provide true behavioral understanding and tactical recommendations.

TriggerPoint is a behavioral research firm that specializes in identifying and influencing the nonconscious factors driving consumer behaviors.  More importantly, TriggerPoint helps you apply these mindstate® insights to increase topline growth and marketing ROI.

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There’s an Easier Way to Understand and Change Consumer Behavior

Traditional marketing is based on guesswork. In other words, you have to hold your breath every time you launch a campaign, hoping you get the results you need. And if by chance it does succeed, you have no way of knowing that the strategy will work a second time.

TriggerPoint is different. As a Mindstate® Group company, we deploy the latest behavioral research methodologies to identify and target the four psychological factors driving all decision-making. This provides you with the insights needed for consistent marketing lift every time—and peace of mind knowing your marketing is backed by science, not assumptions.

Here’s how it works. We use behavioral science-based research methods to deeply understand your customers’ mindstates during key trigger points in the decision-making process. We then transform these behavioral insights into Mindstate® Marketing Blueprints: detailed roadmaps you can follow to design highly influential and highly persuasive marketing campaigns.

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Mindstate® Marketing Provides Serious Results

Here are a few of the ways TriggerPoint’s Mindstate® Marketing Blueprints have impacted our clients’ bottom line.

Delivered over 30% increase in digital enrollments (+50% above goals) for credit card enrollments and exceeded goals by 200% on lost acquisitions.
4 times lift on email campaign designed to drive customers to contact their investment advisors and schedule their yearly financial check-up.
Increased new product coupon redemptions by 200% in national mailers.
Drove significant trial for a new health and wellness brand, Wicked Crisps, by integrating behavioral design tactics into the development of the brand name, logo, packaging, POS, and website.
Behaviorally-designed emails reduced collections call volume by 25% post-launch.
Delivered double-digit lift in cross purchases for a global beverage and snack manufacturer by redesigning in-store activations.
Deployed psychological priming interventions in a clothing retailer to increase the share of transactions by 4% for a global credit card Issuer.
Increased impulsivity and variety ordering behaviors for a fast-casual restaurant chain by changing the menu design and environmental primes leading to increased revenue and trip frequency.

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Our Research Methods

Each of our research methods link directly to our proprietary Mindstate® Marketing Blueprints. These blueprints give you the specifics needed to take immediate action to optimize your marketing communications for your customer's psychological mindstate in the moment of decision.

Language Assisted Mindstate® Profiling (LAMPTM): Extract the Deep Behavioral Insights Rooted in Your Consumers’ Subconscious

When people tell stories, they provide subconscious ‘signals and tells’ that help you identify their psychological drivers and overall mindstate®. Language Assisted Mindstate® Profiling (LAMP™) uses artificial intelligence to uncover these rich insights and gives you unparalleled insight into what drives your customer emotionally.

Our proprietary NLP model searches for keywords and phrases used by your customers that correlate back to each key mindstate®. Once analyzed, the AI system aggregates these signals and identifies the key mindstates used when making decisions.

Behavioral Inquests: Gain Deep Insights into Conscious and Nonconscious Drivers of Behavior

Most of us think we make decisions based on logic or practicality. But in reality, our emotional subconscious makes the decision for us. So how can we determine what these drivers of behavior are when our customers aren’t even aware of them?

This form of qualitative, longitudinal, projective research involves activities hosted on digital platforms for several days. We interview customers using clinically validated projective methods like storytelling, 3rd party projections, personal narrative building and even free association to understand the real reason why people use a brand/product and what could make them change that decision. It’s a proven way to get inside your customers’ minds and discover insights you might not know exist.

Behavioral Audits: Connecting Behavioral Insights with Marketing Design & Collateral 

A Behavioral Audit is a 5-step neurological + psychological analysis of the non-conscious primes, frames, and triggers embedded within customer touch-points. Behavioral Audits show you how well your marketing aligns with the key customer mindstates and provide specific guidance on how to optimize your marketing moving forward.   

These 5 simple steps help you deconstruct your creative and your messaging to create content that instantly triggers customer engagement:

  1. Anchoring Assessment: What drives neurological breakthrough and engagement?  
  2. Goals and Motivational Priming Assessment: What goals/JTBD are being activated, and which human motivation is being primed that provide a purpose and direction to act?
  3. Framing Assessment: How is your message or brand’s benefit framed to drive choice in your favor vs. your competitors?
  4. Affect Assessment:  What emotions relate to that choice and are you evoking them?
  5. Cognitive Heuristic Assessment: What triggers the final decision to act? 

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