Learn How to Use Marketing to Grow Your Business with the Mindstate® Marketing Starter Package

Marketing is the fuel that runs your business, but your customers see 10,000 ads every day. Does your message stand out, or are you investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on strategies that don’t consistently break through the noise?

With the Mindstate Starter Package, you’ll learn how to create psychological marketing that consistently breaks through the clutter, so you can make a bigger impact and grow your business. 

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If You’re Sick of Marketing Strategies That Don’t Consistently Impact Your Bottom Line, This Package Is for You.

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As a business owner, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether your marketing strategy will actually work.

But today, traditional marketing strategies that worked years ago don’t provide consistent results. You have to hold your breath every time you launch a campaign, hoping it gets the results your business needs.

For only $39.99, the Mindstate Starter Package introduces you to Mindstate Marketing: a revolutionary marketing framework used by thousands of businesses worldwide to persuade customers to listen, care, and act.  

The Mindstate Marketing Starter Package includes 5 resources designed to help you begin your journey to get better results from your marketing. With this pack, you learn how to use timeless behavioral principles to grow your business.

Buy the Mindstate Marketing Starter Package

Your Starter Pack Includes:

An Autographed Copy of Marketing to Mindstates
Get your hands on the book that started it all. This package includes a limited-edition, autographed copy of the Amazon best-seller on applying behavioral psychology to marketing.
The Mindstate Marketing Activity Workbook
Apply what you learn while it’s still fresh on your mind. This interactive, customizable activity guide helps you apply the principles from the book directly to YOUR business.
The Mindstate Alignment Sheet 
Organize your thoughts and keep them all in one place. With the Mindstate Alignment Sheet, you can document your finalized decisions after you work through the workbook with your team.

Electronic Copies of the Book & Workbook
Don’t wait to get consistent, compelling results. Download the electronic copies of Marketing to Mindstates and the Mindstate Marketing Activity Workbook and get started right away

Buy the Mindstate Marketing Starter Package

"Every once in a while, you come across a business framework that you can immediately put into action for your brand and with your team. This is one of them!!! Very engaging content, easy-to-understand insights, and constructs you can use right now."


"As an entrepreneur, I spend a good amount of time playing marketer. While learning about Mindstate Marketing, I found myself having epiphany after epiphany about failed product launches  Now that the lights have been turned on, I realize what I don't know and have a deep desire to learn more."

J. Fitzsimmons

"While I'm no longer in the marketing arena, thanks to Mindstate Marketing, I found information usable in my everyday life! I can make better choices by understanding my reactions to marketing techniques. I've even used what I've learned in presentations I give in my private life."

- Trendy

With the Mindstate® Starter Package, You Can:

  • Learn the basics of behavioral science-based marketing
  • Get to know the 18 subconscious mindstates that drive consumer behavior
  • Learn simple ways to break through the clutter to get customers’ to listen, care and act
  • Immediately apply Mindstate Marketing for more compelling and reliable results
  • Avoid wasting your limited resources on strategies that don’t move the needle
  • Feel confident in marketing again
Buy the Mindstate Marketing Starter Package Now

Buy the Mindstate® Marketing Starter Package Now

Stop feeling anxious every time you launch a marketing campaign. Get Your Mindstate® Marketing Starter Package now to apply behavioral science and psychology to your business to significantly increase engagement and revenue.