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Mindstate Partnership Program

The world of insights and marketing is quickly evolving. Is your business keeping up? 

With this interactive program, you’ll work side-by-side with the Mindstate® Group team for 12 weeks to apply behavioral science and psychology to optimize your customer insights, your strategy, your positioning, your product, services and programs and your specific marketing messages. 

We’ll work together to transform your business and marketing to attract new customers and jump start your business using the power of behavioral science.

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Your Brand and Business Success Doesn’t Have To Be Up Left Up To Chance


Are you fed up with holding your breath every time you launch a research study or marketing campaign? With the Mindstate Marketing Partnership Program, our team will teach you how to apply Mindstate Marketing to your insights and marketing teams so you can create compelling offers that drive customers to act.

This live “do-it-together” 12 week program brings our teams together to teach you how to get better, more consistent results for your brand and business through the power of behavioral science. 

With weekly activities and live coaching from our team of experts, you will be able to:

  • Use your business’s data and customer mindstate to create highly effective positioning, products and marketing
  • Get your specific questions about Mindstate Marketing answered
  • Brainstorm new ideas or talk through your next steps with Will Leach himself
  • Get all the resources you need to apply Mindstate Marketing to future research and marketing campaigns
  • Apply the insights you gain to your business immediately
Click the button below to book a relaxed 45-minute conversation. In this session, we will discuss your brand and business challenges. Then, we'll walk you through a step-by-step game plan designed to help you attract new customers and consistently grow—all using the power of behavioral science.


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What’s Included in the Program:

  • 12 weeks of professional Mindstate Marketing training plus live weekly professional coaching sessions to move you step-by-step through our proven process to reinvigorate your business through the power of behavioral science.
  • Weekly activities guide you along the program to optimize your customer insights, brand positioning, product and service offerings, marketing strategy and tactics. 
  • Exclusive access to a private community to share ideas/ask questions of other Partnership Program graduates and Mindstate® Group experts
  • An autographed copy of Marketing to Mindstates + our Mindstate Marketing Activity Workbook


Work One-on-One with Will Leach in our Live Office Hours

If you don’t correctly apply psychology and behavioral science effectively in your role at your business, you could waste time, money, and energy investing in a strategy that doesn’t deliver the results you need. 

The good news is: As part of the Mindstate Marketing Partnership Program, you’ll have daily access to our team to answer your questions, provide you specific guidance and live office hours to ask questions and get advice directly from Will Leach. 

Here’s what to expect:

Mindstate Marketing Application: We’ll work through exercises to bring the principles of behavioral science to life throughout your entire business including your customer insights, brand positioning, products & services, marketing strategy and key marketing tactics like website and emails.

Mindstate Marketing Alignment Sheet and Custom Blueprint: You’ll receive a custom Mindstate Alignment sheet detailing  your customers' Mindstate, brand positioning, product & service guidelines and marketing blueprints to provide you guidelines and instructions to get the most from this program.  

Marketing Audit: To make this program a long-term strategic asset, you'll need to make it a part of everything that you do.  That's why we teach you how to conduct Mindstate Audits for your business to diagnose and treat any issues in key customer touch-points so that you're consistently growing.


Get Instant Access to the Mindstate® Marketing Masterclass

Learn how Mindstate Marketing works immediately when you sign up.

The Mindstate Marketing Partnership Plan includes instant access to our on-demand virtual course, so you can gain a deeper understanding of the Mindstate Marketing approach on your schedule.

To get started, click the button below and book your free 45-minute chat with Will Leach. With Will's support, you'll be able to identify current gaps in your insights and marketing strategy, as well as the best way to start your mindstate marketign journey.

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3 Steps to Join the Mindstate® Marketing Community


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Apply Mindstate Insights to Your Brand Strategy



Achieve Consistent Growth for Your Brand and Business


Still not sure if the Partnership Program is right for your business? Reach out to one of our experts by email at and we'll grab some time to talk.