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The World of Marketing Is Evolving.

Are You Progressing with It?

Every day, consumers are bombarded with around 5,000 advertisements, an overwhelming amount of information to process. To survive the over-concentrated world of advertising, our subconscious activates a powerful psychological filter that eliminates 87% of messages from ever reaching consciousness. This is great news for customers, but not for us business owners.

Thanks to this new psychological filter, the odds are stacked against you. Your message is drowned out by thousands of businesses screaming for your customers’ same amount of attention. Tactics that worked in the past fail to cut through the noise, which makes your marketing results frustratingly inconsistent and unreliable.

You need something new to help you break through the filter: something based on actual science. 

Mindstate® Group’s behavioral science-based resources empower business owners, marketers, and anyone else struggling to get their messaging heard and drive customers to act. And because all our methods are backed by proven behavioral science, you can feel secure and confident knowing your new messaging will deliver the results you need.

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With Behavioral Science-Based Marketing, You Can:

Create highly persuasive advertising
Pass through customers’ psychological filter
Drive customers to act without being pushy
Connect with customers on a deeper, emotional level
Get consistently better business results
Gain a competitive advantage

What Is Behavioral Science-Based Marketing?

Marketing would be easy if it wasn’t for one thing: humans. Humans are complex beings, which can make engaging them a real challenge, even for the most experienced marketers. Fortunately, once you understand how your customers are wired, you can secure their attention and drive them to act.

Behavioral science involves studying the psychology behind the steps people take when making a decision. It means considering, identifying, and targeting your customers’ subconscious mindstate: the temporary state of mind consumers experience when they shift from rational to emotionally-driven decision making. 

While most advertising strategies look at industry best practices, behaviorally designed marketing looks at scientifically proven tactics you can follow to achieve a consistent lift from your marketing. It’s the same formula outlined in Marketing to Mindstates, the best-selling book that has revolutionized marketing in the digital era.

Whether you manage an international conglomerate or a small business, science-based marketing will help you get better results, again and again. It cuts through the clutter, allowing you to create messaging that customers not only hear but can’t get enough of. To learn more, purchase Marketing to Mindstates, sign up for a workshop, or set up a meeting with our team.

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Learn How to Apply Behavioral Science Marketing

Elements of Mindstate® Marketing

Goal theory

Humans subconsciously evaluate products by their ability to help them reach their goal. By identifying customers’ higher-order goals, we gain a deeper understanding of what drives their attention and focuses their actions.

Motivational psychology

Motivational psychology digs into the emotional “why” behind purchasing decisions. When we understand the intrinsic motivations driving people’s behaviors, we understand the real “why’s” behind their actions. And with this insight, we can create highly persuasive marketing that creates a real purpose to act.

Regulatory fit theory

This concept from social psychology enables marketers to easily frame their brands as the natural, intuitive choice for people to follow. And when choices feel natural and intuitive, they are most often selected and followed.

Behavioral economics

We all want our decisions to be fast and easy to make. That’s where behavioral economics comes in. Behavioral economics helps us identify the heuristics (mental strategies used to make quick decisions) driving people to buy or take action. When you know their top heuristics, you have the insights needed to trigger them to take action today.

Mindstates: The Best Way to Understand & Connect with Customers

The goal of behavioral-designed marketing is to identify your customers’ mindstates using in-depth research and hard data. Mindstates provide you with a clear understanding of who your customers truly are, how they think, and specifically what motivates them to make a purchase.

Each mindstate will have a slightly different messaging strategy and tactics you can use to tweak your messaging in a way that reaches your customers’ hearts and minds.

By targeting your audiences’ specific mindstate, you’ll make your campaigns significantly more effective. Your customers will be more engaged with your marketing, and you can feel confident knowing the results you achieve will be repeatable.

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Meet the Mindstates

There are 18 possible mindstates.

Mindstates marry one of two regulatory approaches (Optimistic or Cautious) with one of nine core human motivations.


These customers purchase a product or service to feel successful, accomplished, and achieve closure by reaching a goal.


These customers purchase a product or service to feel unique, independent, and free to act.


With this mindstate®, a customer will buy a product to feel aligned, accepted, and a part of something bigger than themselves.


These customers are driven by the need to feel capable, qualified, prepared, and skilled in an activity.


When seeking products or services, these customers need to feel empowered, authorized, and more in control of their situation.


These customers need to feel captivated and fully absorbed in their activities.



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Similar to belonging, these customers seek products that make them feel approved of, praised, and admired by others.


These customers need to feel or provide appreciation, love, and care and seek products that meet this desire.


When in this mindstate®, customers seek products or services that make them feel secure, safe, and protected from threats.

Apply the Mindstate® Approach to Your Business’s Marketing

You shouldn’t have to feel anxious every time you launch marketing, wondering if it will actually move the needle and drive real growth.  Check out our various options to find the solution that is best for you.  Each solution will provide varying levels of depth and skill to take you to the next level of marketing success. 

Once you solution is applied, your marketing is well on its way to being in the top 10% of all marketing out there today.  And with more effective marketing comes greater control over your personal and business success.

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