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The World of Marketing Is Evolving. Are You Progressing with It?

As a brand or business owner, the odds are stacked against you as it re. Customers subconsciously filter out 87% of all marketing—including the campaigns you’ve invested so much in.

You need something new to help you break through the filter: something based on actual science. 

Mindstate Marketing uses behavioral psychology to help you cut through the noise, get consistent results, and grow your business. That way, you can stop holding your breath each time you launch a campaign and start getting the impact you’ve worked so hard for.

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How Mindstate Marketing Moves the Needle

When applied correctly and to the right mindstates, Mindstate Marketing can help you:


Increase consumer engagement
Connect with customers on a subconscious level
Differentiate your brand from the competition
Resonate despite customer stress and distractions
Reduce buying friction and boost sales
Stop wasting time, money, and energy on ineffective marketing

What Is Mindstate Marketing?

Most modern marketing strategies capitalize on temporarily trending, niche-specific techniques. Unfortunately, for many businesses, these strategies only provide frustration—regardless of how much money you throw into them.

Mindstate Marketing is different. As laid out in Marketing to Mindstates, the best-selling book that revolutionized marketing in the digital era, Mindstate Marketing uses timeless scientific principles to make an impact for big and small brands alike.

Our resources will teach you how to grow your business by tapping into your customers’ subconscious mindstates. Whether you manage an international conglomerate or a small business, science-based marketing will help you get better results, again and again.

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Elements of Mindstate® Marketing

Goal theory

Helping customers see the value of your brand by identifying the goals that drive their actions

Motivational psychology

Persuading customers to take action by tapping into the emotional “why” behind purchasing decisions

Regulatory fit theory

Framing your brand as the natural, intuitive choice through diction and design

Behavioral economics

Using proven mental strategies to make purchasing your products or services fast and easy

Apply the Mindstate Approach to Your Business’s Marketing

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Apply the Mindstate® Approach to Your Business’s Marketing

You shouldn’t have to feel anxious every time you launch new research or marketing, wondering if it will actually move the needle and drive real growth.  Check out our various options to find the solution that is best for you.  Each solution will provide varying levels of depth and skill to take you to the next level of research & marketing success. 

Once your solution is applied, your insights and marketing is well on its way to being in the top 10% of all creative out there today. 

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