Apply Mindstate® Marketing & Drive Business Growth with the Mindstate® Marketing Masterclass

Understanding the science behind Marketing to Mindstates is one thing. Applying it to your business is another thing entirely.

The Mindstate Marketing Masterclass shows you step-by-step how to apply behavioral science and psychology to your marketing campaigns, advertisements, website graphics, and more so you can achieve impressive results for your business every time.

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Are You Losing Sleep Trying to Applying Mindstate® Marketing to Your Business?

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You understand why behavioral science-based marketing works to grow your business. You know it can get your business the results you need. You just don’t know how to apply it to your business’s marketing.

The Mindstate Marketing Masterclass can marketers, researchers, and business owners alike apply Mindstate Marketing. For $799.99, this digital course walks you through real-life examples of behavioral science in marketing.

Our masterclass doesn’t just include access to our video series. It also includes all the resources you need to take what you learn and immediately apply it to your business, from microlearning videos to additional behavioral science resources.

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Access the Masterclass for $799

Watch the Free Masterclass Modules

The Mindstate Marketing Masterclass Includes:

Lifetime Access to Our On-Demand Video Series 
Get hours of interactive, videos training that takes you through real-life application of Mindstate Marketing on the very successful Wicked Crisps brand
45-Minute Microlearning Videos
Do you have specific questions or areas where you would like to learn more? These microlearning videos allow you to quickly learn about a specific business topic of interest and how mindstates can help
All 18 Mindstate Personas
Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ specific mindstate persona, so you can create targeted marketing campaigns that appeal to them on a nonconscious level
Will’s Favorite Behavioral Science Resources
Get access to the articles, infographics, videos, and books Will Leach personally uses to train his team and consulting clients  

Electronic Copies of Marketing to Mindstates, the Mindstate Marketing Workbook, and the Alignment Sheet
Don’t wait to get consistent, compelling results. Download the electronic copies of Marketing to Mindstates and the Mindstate Marketing Activity Workbook and get started right away

Access the Masterclass for $799

“Before the Mindstate Marketing Masterclass course, I'd read literally dozens of books on behavioral science, and while they were all helpful in learning the basics, nothing provided direction into the daily work I was doing. 

This course provided the practical application I'd searched for over the past few years. Will's teaching style and course flow made it easy to apply Mindstate Marketing to my small business. In fact, many tweaks I've put into practice are working already!

If you're looking for insights to know your buyer and design products and promotions around them, this is the course and Will is the guide for you.”

 – Sam Jacobson, Co-founder Ideaction Consulting

“Excellent course to have a better understanding of human behavior and how it affects marketing strategies.”

 – Ibelisse Marin. Agency Planner at 121

“I really enjoyed this course because I have been marketing on feelings for a while, but never had an organized system with vocabulary to use. It was more based on gut feelings and while it did great for me it was very hard to communicate to clients.”

 – Maksim “Max” Sadik, Online Marketing Consultant

“The course is amazing and Will is a genius!”

– Alejandro Tripoli, Co-founder 121 Digital Marketing

“The Mindstate Marketing Masterclass course is for any professional that is willing to improve their career. It doesn’t matter if you are working in a big company or as an entrepreneur, this helped me in both ways and I’m applying the concepts daily.”

– Jose Antonio Gonzalez Urban, Starbucks Mexico

“The Mindstate Marketing Masterclass is a great class that teaches a practical method of understanding your customer and talking to their needs.  The class also has a great case study that helps bring everything together. “

– Don Young, Product Manager Digital Systems

“This is probably the best class I have ever taken! Immensely fascinating and applicable.”

– Matthew Long, Banking and Financial Planning Industry

“This course has literally given me a marketing blueprint. Yes! It came with an actual blueprint that I can use as a north star for my marketing strategy. 

I used to spend money on advertising my business, I can now spend my time (and money) marketing my brand with direction. For the first time in over 20 years of self employment, I feel confident about managing my marketing.”

– Brant Matthews, The Fire Guy

“This was a very comprehensive and dynamic course exploring how a behavioral science outlook enhances today's Marketing/Advertising. Will transformed popular behavioral science theories into an applicable practitioner language. 

My favorite part of the course was sharing my witty ‘did-you-know’ facts with my family and friends (for example, that we make 35,000 decisions daily *brain explodes*)!! I can't wait to take another course taught by Will Leach.”

 – Katelin Romick, Texas A&M Student

With the Mindstate® Masterclass, You Can:

  • Take an in-depth look at behavioral science-based marketing
  • Grow your knowledge of the 18 subconscious mindstates that drive consumer behavior
  • See real-life examples of Mindstate Marketing in action
  • Learn common mistakes people make while applying Mindstate Marketing
  • Feel confident in your ability to achieve results from your marketing
  • Use your knowledge to grow your business today

    Access the Masterclass for $799

    Watch the Free Masterclass Modules

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With this masterclass, you’ll be able to apply Mindstate Marketing with confidence and achieve consistent results that reflect the hard work you put into your marketing.