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Design consistently effective marketing that drives people to act. Our workshop teaches you how to apply behavioral psychology to message to your customer’s subconscious mindstateTM.

July 28 – Part 1: (9-11AM and 1-3PM)
July 30 – Part 2: (9-11AM and 1-3PM)

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Learn the MindstateTM Research and Marketing Method from the Convenience of Your Own Home or Office

Marketing, more often than not, is a waste of time and money because the strategies that worked in the past now fail to break through the noise and increase sales. At MindstateTM Group, we understand how frustrating it can feel by not getting the expected lift that you need from your marketing.

That’s why Will Leach, best-selling author of Marketing to Mindstates, is now offering a live, hands-on workshop to teach YOU how to apply proven behavioral research and marketing techniques to increase the psychological persuasiveness of YOUR marketing.

This live, two-day virtual workshop will teach you the core concepts of MindstateTM Marketing behavioral science-based approach to research and marketing – that has proven successful in creating highly persuasive marketing that consistently works. More importantly, we will work together to activate on these concepts live using interactive activities and real consumer data.

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How It Works: Low Theory / High Application

We get it. You don’t have the time or desire to earn a PhD in behavioral psychology.  You’re responsible for growing a business and immediate results matter.

So we’ve taken the very best of behavioral science and created an interactive workshop that is low on theory and high on application.  You will leave this workshop with the tools needed to immediately increase the effectiveness of your marketing for consistent lift.

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Our Workshop Will Help You Gain Control Over Your Marketing ROI:

Understand the four nonconscious factors driving emotional engagement with your messaging and how small tweaks can make a profound difference to your creative. 
Learn from experts on how they applied the model to design a brand logo, tagline, packaging, and website for one of the fastest growing healthy snack brands in the U.S. – Wicked Crisps.
Increase the persuasiveness of your messaging by applying behavioral design thinking to your marketing strategies and tactics.
Learn how to directly apply Mindstates Marketing techniques, via Mindstate Marketing Blueprints™, to your unique creative challenge.

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What Is Your Investment?


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What’s Included

You get a lot more than just lectures.
Your registration includes:
  • Two days of live, professional instruction and activities led by the inventor of the Mindstate Marketing Model, Will Leach
  • Mindstate Workbook to teach and guide activities throughout the sessions
  • Mindstate Worksheet to guide your marketing strategies in the future   
  • A Mindstate Marketing Blueprint™ to activate future marketing tactics against 
  • A digital copy of the best-selling book Marketing to Mindstates – the practical guide to applying behavioral design to research and marketing
  • Secret insights, stories and design techniques from Will and his team
  • New skills and marketing contacts who share a passion for behavioral design
  • Access to the session recording for 30-days to take these principles in-house for your brand
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Become a Behavioral Designer in 3 Easy Steps!

What Participants Are Getting out of Our Workshops

“For me personally I cannot wait to get back to the office to host kind of a download with my team.  I am so stoked to get this in the hands of the social media team.” 

- Amanda Paredes, Senior Manager Brand Marketing, Wingstop

“Before the workshop it was difficult for me to narrow my focus on the one thing that my customers are feeling at the time of decision making, but the workshop helped me identify that right away and find the answer to what’s that one thing.” 

- Charles Almond, Managing Partner, Streamlined LLC

“After attending this workshop I'm definitely more focused on marketing to my consumers Mindstate, which is Optimistic Empowerment. Now I’m going to be looking at my creative, my copy, and how to approach every little thing.” 

- Toria Frederick, Chief Strategist, Hatch Venture Group 

Workshop Schedule

Mindstate Understanding

Day 1 – July 28th

9:00 -11:00AM - Lunch - 1:00 - 3:00PM 
  • Why Mindstates? The need for behavioral science in marketing (Introduction to our case study)
  • Goals: How to activate on your customers’ goals to focus their attention on your messaging
  • Motivations: How to prime an implicit, uncontrollable desire for your brand
  • Approach: Frame decisions to make them feel natural to your customers’ using their regulatory focus
  • Cognitive Biases: Create easy short-cuts in your marketing to trigger customers to act 

Mindstate Application

Day 2 – July 30th 

9:00 -11:00AM - Lunch - 1:00 - 3:00PM
  • Mindstate Marketing: Don’t message to the person. Message to their mindstate!
  • Words Matter: Using your customer’s verbatims to identify their unique Mindstate to message against 
  • Applying Mindstates to Messaging: Using Mindstate Marketing Blueprints™ optimize messaging for your customer’s subconscious
  • Learn from the experts. The story behind the development of Wicked Crisps.
  • Virtual Social: Celebrate a job well done with your fellow attendees and instructors. Get contact info and keep your momentum

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Note:  After each short module, there is an interactive activity to apply what you just learned using actual data and insights from our experience launching the world’s first behaviorally designed brand from the ground up - Wicked Crisps.

Don't Waste Another Penny on Marketing That Doesn't Work.

Learn how to apply the proven principles of behavioral design and psychology to your business's marketing and get consistently reliable results.

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