As marketers, we’re in the decision business. In other words, we invest our time, money, and energy into determining the best ways to make people feel comfortable purchasing our products or services. 

So it makes perfect sense that we need a deep understanding of how we make decisions so we can help customers make them more often. And that’s exactly what Brian Burkhart of the SquareStories Podcast and I discussed.


We’ll never get a consistent return for our marketing creative if we don’t market to our customers behavior-driving nonconscious factors. In other words, we need to create messaging that touches on the motivations behind our customers’ decisions and the mindstates they have at the time of purchase.

Payment by credit card in the flower shop

On top of that, Brian and I talked about:

  • My experience in the U.S. Army Core of Engineers
  • How I went from skipping class to pursuing a career in research
  • The pain of loving sports teams that never win games
  • The science behind decision making
  • How small businesses can achieve the same results as bigger brands

Here’s the episode if you want to listen:


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