In terms of marketing, context matters. Our decisions are highly influenced by our emotional state. So if you create a marketing campaign without taking into account the emotional context surrounding your customer, there’s a good chance you won’t see a return on that investment.


Earlier this week, I was thinking back on a conversation I had with Phil McGee of the Shoppernomics podcast back when Marketing to Mindstates was a new release. One of the main topics we covered was the importance of context in marketing. 

Phil and I had both personally experienced a situation where we created a segmentation based on in-depth research. On paper, the segmentation should have worked perfectly. However, it completely disregarded the emotional mindstates the customers had at the moment of purchase. So, in reality, we didn’t get the results we had expected.


Phil’s podcast, Shoppernomics, is for marketing and insight professionals who want to stay current on the latest understanding of consumer behavior and decision making. Each month, Phil interviews authors of books and academic papers that feature new insights on influences of shopper behavior.


Among other things, Phil and I discussed:


  • What it was like to run the Shopper Lab at Pepsi Co
  • Why mindstates matter
  • The four aspects of context (and how they impact your marketing results)
  • The power of intuition
  • A tool that helps you maintain consistency across each aspect of your business


Even though it’s been two years since the episode dropped, the concepts in this conversation still apply to the marketing world we live in today. In some ways, it’s even more impactful. After all, in this economy, we can’t afford to waste money on strategies that don’t provide quick, meaningful results.

Here’s the podcast if you would like to check it out

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