Do you feel like you’re in control of your decisions?Many of us believe that most of our lives are consciously chosen--that we make most of our daily decisions. But research has shown that we make 30,000 decisions every day. Thinking about it, how many of those decisions are you aware of?

In reality, our decisions are influenced by two unique systems of thinking: a rational, intentional decision-making system and a highly emotional, subconcious decision-making system. And you may be surprised by which system is driving the majority of your behavior on a daily basis.

I was honored to join Douglas Burdett on The Marketing Book Podcast, a podcast dedicated to introducing business owners and marking professionals to innovative books, so they can apply the insights and approaches right away.

On The Marketing Book Podcast, we dug into the two systems that influence every decision you make—and why understanding these systems matters both as a consumer and a business owner.

On top of that, Douglas and I discussed:

  • Why we make the same bad decisions over and over again
  • The environmental Sun Chips bag debacle 
  • The four key factors of System One you can tap into with your marketing
  • How to hack customers’ human minds to encourage them to make purchases
  • Driving engagement from specific age groups on specific platforms

If you want to catch the episode, here’s the link. And if you want to learn more about applying behavioral psychology to your business’s marketing, purchase the Mindstate Marketing Starter Pack now.

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