Do you feel like the content strategy coming out of your company can still be improved?  Or are you wondering why your marketing and advertising creative just isn’t consistently getting your customers to listen, care, and act?  

I know I have in the past, and I’ve worked with countless marketing directors and strategists who feel the same way.  Consistently improving response rates is almost impossible these days.

Since P.T. Barnum hung his first flyer in Manhattan, marketing has been something many have tried but few have seen consistent success with. Many marketers jump from one strategy to the next, eager to find something that works—myself included. 

During the years I spent researching marketing strategies at Frito Lay, I invested countless hours to uncover the secret code towards breaking through the clutter. Often, we found ourselves with little to show for the hard work other than bags under our eyes and results that left management underwhelmed.

It wasn’t until I replaced guesswork with real science that I started to see what marketing could be.

A lot has changed since I wrote Marketing to Mindstates, but the effectiveness of behavioral science-based marketing remains the same. And now, during the challenging times we face today, marketing directors and strategists need something they can trust to work. That’s why I’m creating a new livestream video series, The Mindstate Marketing Hour, to help you execute Mindstate Marketing for your business and clients.

Each Wednesday at 11 a.m. Central, I’m going to have an in-depth discussion with Steve Brown, author of The Golden Toilet and founder of marketing firm ROI Online, about the many ways we can use behavioral science to improve marketing so that people will act. It’s about learning how to do marketing better so you can persuade customers to buy without wasting your time, money, and resources on tactics that don’t provide consistent results.

The livestream will be available on all of Mindstate Group’s social media platforms, including our Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. We’ll also include all videos on our website where you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Marketing results don’t need to be inconsistent and uncertain. Join me each week, and together, let’s dive into the science behind Mindstate Marketing so you can apply it to your marketing today.

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