Do you have a hard time making decisions? Not the big, life-changing decisions, but the little choices we have to make everyday.

I know I do. 

Cream or no cream? Take out or cook at home? Action movie or comedy?

These choices should be easy, especially since they don’t have a significant impact on our life in the long run. But they can feel so much harder than the bigger decisions we face.

The interview I had with Pricilla McKinney on Ponderings from the Perch, the official podcast of Little Bird Marketing, was all about decision making. Specifically, why decisions are so hard—and how business owners can use their marketing to make decisions easier for their customers.

Understanding how we process information as humans is the first step toward persuading your customers to purchase your product or service.

Here are a few other topics Pricilla and I covered:
  • How your customers’ analysis paralysis impacts the success of your marketing
  • What is System 1 Marketing, and how can businesses make it work for them?
  • The writing process—and how to write a book if you aren’t a writer
  • The best thing about being an author

Here’s the episode if you want to listen:

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