Buying decisions, as we now know, are driven almost entirely by our subconscious emotional state. But even today, marketers are still being taught to appeal to their customers’ logical minds. 


“Show what makes your product better.” “List out your benefits.” “Prove your authority.”


These concepts, when combined with content strategies that address customers’ emotional motivations, can work. But when they’re all you’re doing, you’ll never get the results you need.

Charlie Hoehn from the Author Hour Podcast invited me to join the podcast back in 2018, and much of our discussion centered on this subject: Why emotions are so critical in driving consumer behavior, and how you can apply psychology and behavioral science to reach the emotional subconscious that truly influences our customers’ decisions.

Among other things, Charlie and I discussed:

  • Where Mindstate Marketing came about (The Frito Lay lab fiasco)
  • Our emotional subconscious and how it works
  • Examples of emotional priming in action
  • How Amazon is using Mindstate Marketing
  • Ways you can activate your customers’ goals

You can listen to the interview here:

From pandemics to cultural shifts, we face a different world today than we did at the beginning of the year. But the proven principles of Mindstate Marketing remain just effective (if not more). 


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