You do so many things to help your business stand out. You spend years perfecting your product or service, thousands on sales research to make sure you’re providing the best service possible, and countless sleepless nights thinking about more ways to break away from the crowd.

So why is your marketing exactly the same as everyone else?

I had the pleasure of joining Nick Westergaard on the OnBrand Podcast, a show dedicated to helping business owners stand out from the competition and get the following they deserve. 

The focus of our discussion: How entrepreneurs and marketing professionals alike can use their marketing as a psychological tool to cut through the noise, instead of doing the same thing as everyone else.

Among other things, Nick and I discussed:

  • Why now is THE TIME to switch to behavioral research
  • Simple tips to help your brand stand out
  • How academia and real-world consulting come together to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses
  • A few examples of brands that have gone above and beyond

Here’s the link to the episode if you missed it!

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