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Have you ever been in a horrible mood, hungry and agitated, and something dripping with grease felt like the perfect antidote?

Or maybe you’re a new dad whose son arrived prematurely, and because your normally logical brain was scrambled by adrenaline, new emotions, and a lack of sleep, you signed your child up for a daycare center without weighing any of the pros and cons like you usually do.


That was the exact situation I found myself in when he realized everything I knew about consumer marketing was wrong. In my book, Marketing to Mindstates, I explain why businesses should focus on creating marketing creative designed to activate a subconscious mindstate—a moment of temporary persuasion—to forge an emotional connection with customers.


Here are a few ways I’m applying the lessons in my book at the Mindstate Group, as well as in my personal life.  

As a Brand, Your Story Comes Second

Before founding my own company, I worked for the Shopper Insights Group at Frito-Lay studying how psychology and environments work together to influence shopping decisions.

It’s where I began to get an idea for the power of mindstates in shopping behavior. The more I dug into this idea, the more I realized that many companies take the wrong approach.

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What Kind of Focus Does Your Customer Have? 

I don’t just use mindstate marketing at work. I also tapped into what I know to get my son, Nick, to eat his vegetables—something every red-blooded American boy hates to do.


I approached eating with a cautious, prevention focus, meaning I was worried about the side effects of my son eating bad food. My son, on the other hand, comes to each meal with an optimistic, promotion focus.  What does this mean?


Nick is always thinking of the upside or good things that will happen when he eats. He knows if he eats well, he’ll get a sweet dessert and some extra TV time before bed.


Knowing Nick’s approach to eating, I shifted the tactics I used to get my son to eat his vegetables. I used to tell Nick that he couldn’t get up from the table, that he’d get sick, or that his teeth would fall out if he didn’t eat his veggies, but these were all threats with a slant toward a cautious focus.  Something that I was naturally drawn to.  But this isn’t Nick and it rarely worked.


When I told Nick he would be like Spider-Man, his favorite superhero, if he ate his veggies, he suddenly could stomach a few bites of broccoli.


For me, using a promotion-focused, optimistic framing of his choices created the path of least resistance for my son to eat a healthy dinner. Shifting to his approach makes both of our lives much easier. And these same principles apply to your marketing creative as well.


Now Put It into Action

When you reduce your message’s resistance, you make purchasing much more comfortable for your customers. As a result, you get better results without having to pay for more ad spend.


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